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IBM Solaris Commands Interview Questions
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1)How to identify VXVM version? 2)What the path of scconf in cluster?

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How to create NULL files of specific size in solaris ?

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I have only one plex and one subdisk and one volume , then plex is failed how can we recolect it?

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If /etc/system file is corrupted how will you recover it , if we dont have a CDROM then what is the procedure?

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Difference between LDOM and Domain?

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How can you create domains?

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In an NIS environment if user forgot is password, then as an admin what you will do?

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How to enable the crashdump?

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Hi We have upgraded our sun machine from solaris 9 to solaris 10. Before upgradation the date command output(Solaris 9) Wed Oct 13 09:45:21 IST 2010 But after upgradation the output for date is as below(solaris 10). Wednesday, October 13, 2010 9:46:14 AM IST Looks like I need to change LC_TIME=C. can you please help me how to change it for permanently


How to add a new LUN in exit disksets (metasets) in solaris please answer me step by step procedure?


How to check the patch level in solaris

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what is the difference between solaris8 and solaris9 and solaris10


What are the Patch Management Issues you have faced and how did you resolve them?

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Where do you get Alarm prompt?


What is the difference between container and zones?

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IBM Solaris Commands Interview Questions

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