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IBM Ab Initio Interview Questions
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what is difference between chk point n phase.Say im loading a file (containig 1 lakh records) and my graph fails after loading 50,000th record.What is the advantage of using check point in this case. Will i be able to start from 51000th record.

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How can you increase the number of ports of your output flow? What is the limit? Can i have 20 out ports?

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If m loading a file of 1 million records.and the graph fails after loading 10,000 records. In this case if we use rollback command then what will happen?

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how to create a new mfs file? where will we specify the number of partition eg 4 way ,8 way?

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difference betwween check point and phase?

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how does deadlock occur?

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What is the default layout of a component ? Is it mandatory to set the layout of a component ?

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Can we specify checkpoints without Phases?

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Can you read multiple input files using one input file component ?(same DML)

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What are the different String functions used in Abinitio?

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I am having 10 records in i/p file,and i want to load only one record at a time to the output file.Then how can i do it?

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from a graph how to select only second record always in scan?

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. What is adhoc multifiles? How to use in abinitio graph?

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In which scenario, .rec files will not get created even if graph fails ? How to use in abinitio graph?

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What is the diff between abinitiorc and .abinitiorc files ?

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IBM Ab Initio Interview Questions

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