name the air commands in ab initio?

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name the air commands in ab initio?..

Answer / puja singh srivastava

Here are the few of the commands we use

1) air object ls <EME Path for the object -
/Projects/edf/.. > --- This is used to see the listing of
objects in a directory inside the project.

2) air object rm <EME Path for the object -
/Projects/edf/.. > -- This is used to remove an object
from the repository. Please be careful with this.

3) air object cat <EME Path for the object -
/Projects/edf/.. > --- This is used to see the object
which is present in the EME.

4) air object versions -verbose <EME Path for the object -
/Projects/edf/.. > --- Gives the Version History of the

5) air project show <EME Path for the project -
/Projects/edf/.. > --- Gives the whole info about the
project. What all types of files can be checked-in etc.

6) air project modify <EME Path for the project -
/Projects/edf/.. > -extension <something like *.dat within
single quotes> <content-type> --- This is to modify the
project settings. Ex: If you need to checkin *.java files
into the EME, you may need to add the extension first.

7) air lock show -project <EME Path for the project -
/Projects/edf/.. > --- shows all the files that are locked
in the given project

8) air lock show -user <UNIX User ID> -- shows all the
files locked by a user in various projects.

9) air sandbox status <file name with the relative path> ---
shows the status of file in the sandbox with respect to
the EME (Current, Stale, Modified are few statuses)

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name the air commands in ab initio?..

Answer / rajasekar

air object ls
air object rm
air object cat
air object versions
air project show
air project modify
air lock show -Project
air lock show -user

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