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IBM ASP.NET Interview Questions
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9. Why should we hire you over the others waiting to be interviewed?


Can a master page inherit another master page?

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write six HTTP request method?

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what is SAP fullform

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Whats an assembly

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what is advantage of developing in the same can't be developed in Java or other web developemnt tool.what are advantages of developers.

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How we handle the runtime database schema change issue in application?

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What is the difference between Webservice and WCF

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What is the Custom Error in ASP.NET?

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What is HTTP MODULE & HTTP HANDLERS in ASP.NET? How a developer can utilize in the application? Please provide example.

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What is ISAPI?

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What is itemrowdatabound for a datagrid?

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How to create a permanent cookie?

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How to store a dataset in a viewstate?

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What's the advantage of using System.Text.StringBuilder over System.String?

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IBM ASP.NET Interview Questions

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