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What is ISAPI?

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What is ISAPI?..

Answer / mahesh kotekar

ISAPI is the handler running in IIS server. WHen the request
comes from the client ISAPI is responsible for sending those
request particular to aspx pages to aspnet_WP workerprocess
which will process the request.

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What is ISAPI?..

Answer / bhushan

According to my understanding, ISAPI (Internet Server
Application Programming Interface) is an extension that
allows native (unmanaged) applications developed using VC++,
VB6 and similar to host their HTML content and associated
logic on the web. It acts as an agent that directly couples
the native applications to IIS, avoiding any need to
manually deploy or configure the application according to
IIS needs. But native applications that are web enabled are
a bit difficult to program. ASP.NET applications on the
other hand, by pass ISAPI and directly work with IIS, as IIS
has been provided the capability to understand the requests
that are to be send to the ASP.NET engine (aspnet_wp.exe in
the form of .aspx). Some sort of minor deployment steps are
needed to host these applications to IIS. However, the web
application development is greatly simplified. Please let me
know if this answer sounds ok...

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