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IBM Weblogic Interview Questions
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Do you require JDK/JRE for installing a WL Domain?

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What is multicast address in Clustering? Why do we need it?

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What is polymorphism in Object Oriented Programming (OOPS) Languages? What are different types of polymorphism? 15. What is inheritance?

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What is config.xml.booted file.

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what is core dump? diff b/w core dump and c dump?

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what is digital certificate?

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What is the performance issue in weblogic and how can you resolve ,explain in brief

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What is the linux command is used to know the version of weblogic server?

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Hey! Is there any difference between WebLogic Server admin & WebLogic Portal? If I want to learn Course which is the suitable to Development? Both are comes under one course or different courses , pls clarify me? am Planning to Join Weblogic, Which is the best pls suggest me?

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How many weblogic severs can be installed in a multi cpu machince and how can you figure out how many servers?

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how can you increase heap size from command line

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how will u check process id?

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Can we add JBoss server instance to weblogic cluster?

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how to update the pach?

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How to migrate the weblogic domains Existing physical box to New box ? Assume:I have 2 Domains and 5 ms servers and i have deploy the application in managed servers in cluster Envirolment how to migrated? any budy give me steps ?

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IBM Weblogic Interview Questions

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