How to migrate the weblogic domains Existing physical box to New box ?
Assume:I have 2 Domains and 5 ms servers and i have deploy the application in managed servers in cluster Envirolment how to migrated?

any budy give me steps ?

How to migrate the weblogic domains Existing physical box to New box ? Assume:I have 2 Domains and ..

Answer / madan rocky

Best way to extent your domain from one linux box to another linux box by using Script file which is under oracle_home/oracle_common/commonin.
1.Pack one domain which did all configurations (main linux box).it will create domain.jar file
2.Copy or Move that .jar file (eg:Domain.jar) to second linux box.
3.In 2 linux box Unpack the domain.jar file by using script file.
4.By using Horizontal clustering we can divide the manage servers as per our requirement.

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