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IBM Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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what is the meaning of empairment asset

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types of inventory


What is accounts recevable & acct. payble? How they are efect in real life accounts of the company?

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Any two difference of Trading and Profit and loss A/c

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What is the uses of Ratio's in The Finanacial management? Explain it?

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payroll calculation procedure explain completely?


information about IBM.

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what do u mean by preliminary expenditure? what r they? where it is comes?

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1. what is debenture? 2.Why company will issue shares? 3. What is audit? 4. What is the role of finance department? 5. What is mutual fund?


What is mean by Tab Group in MS-Excel?


What will be the position of the owener of the company?If the company liablites are more than company assets . a. solvent b. insolvent c. profitable d. liquidity

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what is tangible Asset?

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what is meant by debit and credit

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what is entry for depreciation?

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What do you mean by Accrued Expenses ?

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IBM Accounting AllOther Interview Questions

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