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what is meant by debit and credit

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what is meant by debit and credit..

Answer / saikrishna

Debit means what we recive in any business
Credit means what we give in propotion

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what is meant by debit and credit..

Answer / hemlata

Debit is left and Credit is Right.Dr means receiving and cr
means giving.In acounts we us these two terms.

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what is meant by debit and credit..

Answer /

these are golden rules of accounting.

debit : what comes in
credit : what goes out

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what is meant by debit and credit..

Answer / guest

What comes in, The Receiver All expenses & Losses

Credit means, What goes out, the giver, all incomes and

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what is meant by debit and credit..

Answer / shylaja

Debit means the benefit receiving aspect.
Credit means the benefit giving aspect.

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what is meant by debit and credit..

Answer / shiva kumar 9848083705


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what is meant by debit and credit..

Answer / ak naidu

Debit what come's in
Credit what goes out.

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what is meant by debit and credit..

Answer / rajesh kumar panigrahi

In the language of book -keeping ,debit means the left hand
side of a T-form account ,and credit means the right hand
side of the T-form account. There is no other meaning.When
we say debit what comes in , credit what goes out etc. etc.
we are only talking of the golden rules of accounting

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what is meant by debit and credit..

Answer / sheshu babu

debit means left hand side credit means right hand side

debit; what comes in
credit;what goes out
there are golden rules of accounts

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what is meant by debit and credit..

Answer / ram prasad

Debit means who owes money to the business
credit means to whom owes money by the business

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