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IBM Accounting General Interview Questions
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Please tell me what is the journal entry of closing balance ?

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interest received comes under which head

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what is Bills payable

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please give a journal entry for purchase order

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last year company profit is Rs 50.000 ,the part of the profit is transfer to reserve and surplus account . but the current year company suffering loss .in that situation company can take help Rs 25000 from reserve and surplus . if yes than how can ,please reply me what is general entry

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Cheque Received From Customer What is accounting entry and in which vocher. coustomer order is 100 items . 5 items given to customer cost rs 2000 5 items Total 2000 and remaing 95 items not deliveried 100000 Cheque Received


Ramu started business with rs 1000000.give me journal entry. plz explain brefily

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Recent banking question for 2015 interview for scale2 exam of sbm


What is journal entry for sales return

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Mr.X working in an organization,He as taken to salary advance 10,000 on 15/1/2016.He total salary payed on 30,000 5/2/2016?

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GRIR is the clearing account so it the balance will be zero, so how it will impact with balance sheet and why we require to reconcile that account ?


What is R2R Cycle?

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You are using the accounts approach to parallel valuation and classic assets accounting. You need to create a new financial statement version to valuation based of IFRS principles. In asset accounting, what posting options can you choose for the new depreciation area? (any 2 answer) Area post in real time Area posts APC directly and depreciation periodically Area posts APC only directly Area posts APC and depreciation periodically


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IBM Accounting General Interview Questions

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