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Write the Load test cases on a water bottle.

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Write the Load test cases on a water bottle...

Answer / raja sekhar

load test cases could be few among the below:

1. Try to fill with water with more than it's capacity under
closed condition's where water can't overflow.
-- this case a perfect bottle can stop taking water under
acceptable pressure.
-- bottles with low quality will tear out - even when the
pressure applied is acceptable.

2. Fill the bottle completely and fill it with water and
place it in a chiller or freezer. At very low temperatures
the water will turn to ice-form but still the bottle should
not get damaged.
-- In case of water bottles made with glass will break at
when they are fully filled and no oxyzen left in it.

3. Fill the bottle with water and drop from different
acceptable heights bottle shouldn't get damaged. Limit the
tests to acceptable heights since this is not a stress test.

-- A valid case is that frequently water bottles slip's from
hand or a table of 4-5 feet when it is filled or empty.
-- Condition is acceptable heights and not to be tested on
water bottles made of glass or delicate material other than

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Write the Load test cases on a water bottle...

Answer / abc

mr ram y the hell did u even bother to write those two

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Write the Load test cases on a water bottle...

Answer / braja

check the volume of water at which the bottle breaks.

check the same with water at different temperatures

check after how many days the bottle( one empty and one
full) breaks away

check for how long the bottle holds the water at threshold
point of breaking

and many more such

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Write the Load test cases on a water bottle...

Answer / simardeep

1.Bottle should be prepared By Plastic
2.It has good Quality
3.How Many ml or Lirtes bootle can Fill water.
4.Bootle Should Not leak.
5.Water in bottle aquaguard.
6.It Should have proper Company mark.
7.It should be proper sealed.
8.Manufacturing and Expity date Should be present.

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Write the Load test cases on a water bottle...

Answer / ram m

1 Bottle shoud made up of plastic

2.water shoud be purified

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