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IBM SAP BW (Business Warehouse) Interview Questions
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what is the difference between Data Target and Info Provider

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what is the differences between standard DSO and write optimised DSO and Direct update DSO.

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if we want to design an info cube,what are the pre-requisites u have to take in real time?

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what is the main difference between view and the function module?

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what is the ticketing tool for wipro and ticketing tool depends on company or client?


1.What is exception Aggregation? give Example? 2.what Cell formating? and Advantages?

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can anyone explain me in detail about exceptions? How to you handle them in realtime by giving one example?

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how to improve cube performance,how many ways ?what is near line storage?

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tell me any 3 reports u have created in sd and also in fi?

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can any one give me a senario for generic data source extraction? why u go for infosets and multiproviders ? give me a senario for each? what is time stamp, calday, numpt? what is safty intervels, y we set lower lt and upper lt?


how to load data to direct update DSO in sap bi

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1.what is exception aggregation? 2.difference between condition and filter 3.difference between direct update dso and write optimized dso? 4.difference between repeat and repair process types? 5. disadvantage due to numeric pointer in generic extraction?

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how to reduce the down time ?

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Please tell what are the tables we can use in FISL and COPA in real time.. Explain clearly?


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IBM SAP BW (Business Warehouse) Interview Questions

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