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IBM SQL PLSQL Interview Questions
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Describe the Index, Types of index, At what situation we have used? Which one s better than others?

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i have a table eno dno sal 1 10 200 2 10 150 3 10 100 4 20 75 5 20 100 i want to get sal which is less than the avg sal of thri dept. eno dno sal 2 10 150 3 10 100 4 20 75

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There is a sequence with min value 100. I want to alter this sequence to min value as 101. If the table has already data in the sequence column as 100,101,102... Is it possible to do so ?

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what is the Default Libraries for Oracle Report 6i


If a procedure within a package is invalidated whether the entire package will be invalid and has to be recompiled again?

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Suppose I have to create a view on a table, that is not yet been created by DBA. I khow the table structure. Is it possible to create the view before DBA creates this table? If yes then how? Is it possible to create synonym in this way?

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a. Can you delete data from a View. b. If Yes, can you delete it if there are multiple tables c. If No, can you delete if there is single source table which is joining.

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what is Difference between Having and Where clause?

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select top 3 sal from each dept?

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What are Nested Tables? How will u delete 5 rows from Nested Tables

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What are Global Temporary tables

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What are Anti joins

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why we go for package? what are the advantages of using instead of seperate procuderes or functions

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How to call the function and Procedure in trigger?

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What is the difference between SQL and PLSQL

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IBM SQL PLSQL Interview Questions

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