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IBM Oracle General Interview Questions
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How to Remove the 3rd highest salary person record from table?

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Table E: Name dept month sal 1 A JAN 800 2 B APR 1000 3 A JAN 300 4 A JAN 600 5 C JUN 400 1) SELECT HIGHEST SAL PAID DEPT IN JAN MONTH? 2) WRITE QUERY GET MAX SAL DEPT NO?

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what is the difference between table and veiw?

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Which Department has MOST NUMBER of employees?

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Suppose U install the oracle DB either enterprise edition or express edition in ur personal PC, Is there the Database has been created after ur installation if not then where the oracle's all objects with data be stored?

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how to retrive xml data for using sql query?

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1. How actually index will work ? 2. Why do people prefer mostly bitmap index and btree index in datawarehouse ? 3. If I use the column in aggrigate functions like max,min,count and avg and if I have a index created on that column, will it increases the performance ?

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I just want to maintain data like an employee can belongs to 3 or more departments . We can resolve this by using composite key but it avoids normalization rules. So Can anyone tell me how can I maintain data.


src name sex a,male b,female c,male d,female Required output : male female a,b c,d tried pivot but was not successfull select * from src pivot (max(name) for sex in ('MALE','FEMALE'));


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IBM Oracle General Interview Questions

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