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IBM SAP FI-CO (Financial Accounting & Controlling) Interview Questions
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Hi, Need a interview question and answer for different company's please revert me soon Yash


If we have received a check from customer on 02 feb.10, deposited in bank on 3rd and check cleared on 5th feb. what are the journal entries should be passed for all three days?

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In extended withholding taxes for submission of tax returns i.e. quarterly & annual which sap note is used?


How often we modify costing sheet?


residual value key?

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What is leading and non-leading ledger in the new Gl configuration?

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What is VERSION Management in SAP?

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In ECC 6 during APP run for say vendor (1000) system is printing single check for few open items and for few open items individual checks are printed. My client ways to print single check for on vendor.

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what is the 'o' and '9' level dunning? can any one please specify the names of each 9 dunning level?

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what is the implemention project in sap?


while running depreciation(TC:- AFAB) for first time (posting period 001) under test run system don't show any error and no document is pickup by the system. plz help me solve this problem

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Hi Friends, I have one query, would be grateful if any can tell me the setting for the same. We have given an advance to vendor and deduct the tds on that. Thereafter when the bill comes in then ideally we should deduct the tds on remaining amount (Invoice amount – advance paid) because we have already deduct the tds on advance payment to vendor. I want to know the setting for that. Kindly explain in details. Regards

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What is activity rate?

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What is the use of creating number ranges in co?

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My company has 2 mode of payment method. 1- is resudial method and 2. is partial method. Now the scenario was I have to clear the customer, which haven't made payment within the specified time, in that case I have to charge interest on that customer. Now, the question is that which mode of payment should I follow to clear that customer.What will be the appropriate payment method inrespect of company rules? and plz. give the reason.

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IBM SAP FI-CO (Financial Accounting & Controlling) Interview Questions

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