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IBM CICS Interview Questions
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What is task control and what are the CICS commands associated with it?

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What is interval control and what are some of the CICS commands associated with it?

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How do you define Task Work Area?

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Can you use DYNAMIC calls in CICS ?

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What is MDT? What are FSET, FRSET ?

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Explain the term Function Request Shipping?

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What is the difference between the XCTL and LINK commands?

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What is the CICS Command that is used for reading a record from the TDQ?

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What does EIB mean?

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What is the purpose of the Program List Table?

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Do you require a table entry for a TSQ?

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Explain the basic difference between Intra partition TDQ and Extra partition TDQ.

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What command do you issue to delete a record in a transient data queue ?

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What is the common work area (CWA)?

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How do you read from a TSQ?

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IBM CICS Interview Questions

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