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IBM CICS Interview Questions
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What will be the length of the eibcalen ,if the transaction is used to cics first time?

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What is the difference between a physical BMS mapset and a logical BMS mapset?

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Explain the various ways data can be passed between CICS programs.

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Which option of the PCT entry is used to specify the PF key to be pressed for initiating a transaction?

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What is the meaning of the ENQ and DEQ commands?

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What is the other way of terminating a transaction?

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Why is a TERM ID recommended in naming a TSQ?

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Into what fields will the date and time values be moved after execution of the above command?

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What CICS command would you use to read a VSAM KSDS sequentially in ascending order?

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How do you control cursor positioning?

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what is difference between call and link ?

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How To Set MDT(Modified Data Tag) Thru Application Program? (Dynamically)?

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Explain re-entrancy as applies to CICS.

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What is transient data?

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In which table would you make an entry for a BMS map?

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IBM CICS Interview Questions

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