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IBM SAP HR (Human Resource Management) Interview Questions
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Hi, Why the wage type HRA should only in IT 0008 not in 0015 or 0014.(The interviewer asked me how you are going to convince the client that the HRA wage type should only appear in 0008 not in 0014 or 0015 Info Types)

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How you will configure Medical Expense Exemption in payroll?


How you configure Prof. Tax? what is the WT to maintain the Prof. Tax?

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In which infotypes we stored employees passport details ?

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Explain what is 1st,2nd and 3rd level support in sap

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how u configure salary packaging and CTC?


Why do you need external number ranges

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What is the difference between Work Schedule , Work Schedule rule, Daily Work schedule, Period Work schedule

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1.What is difference between Personnel number and personnel ID 2.What is the relationship b/w A to B and B to A? 3.What is Fit gap analysis and who will do? 4.What is Concurrent employment?

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What is difference between Personnel number and personnel ID

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If an Employee gets an off on a public system responds,what are the implications. how do you solve this.

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can u please explain me about dynamic actions functionality with two examples.

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1: What is the criteria to set Symbolic A/c 2: What do you mean by Symbolic A/c 3: What do you mean by Evaluation class 4: What do you mean by Processing class 5: What do you mean by Cummulation class 6: Where to set Retro account 7: What do you mean by Factoring 8: What do you mean by Relation ship in OM and how you define it. 9: what do you mean by Time type and Day type ?

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Right now we are using 3 Version in sap hr 4.7 5.0 6.0 can u explani wt is the diffrences

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What is the first personnel action in SAP? is it hiring or any other action

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IBM SAP HR (Human Resource Management) Interview Questions

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