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IBM IBM AS400 AllOther Interview Questions
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Hi friends i have i question please reply me asap. what would be coding in DDS and programing part for this condition suppose that i have three fields in the display file(subfile)which has 7 record format. Condition is ''The supplier LOT, ISSUED TO PROD and LINE GRP fields in display file(Subfile) will not be shown if their respective fields are blank/zero in the record formats WIM311FM and Record format WIM311FM. I want coding part in DDS and Programing. Please reply me as soon as posible.

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How I can read and display three fields in the record format DSPFM1 of the display file,while one field(using in one file) is NAME which is Key field in field reference file and another two fields are AGE and ROLL NO are using another file. Please send me coding part.

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Q.Hi All friends, I have one Question, I have three fields in display file SUP LOT, ISSUED to Prod and Line Grp. Field SUP LOT is mentioned in one field reference file WRSLT and key field as a key field LP.Fields ISSUED to PROD,Line GRP are mentioned in the another Field reference file WMDTF. So I want to read SUP LOT on the basis of key field LP from the first file WFSLTand then i want ot read another two fields ISSUED to DATE and LINE GRP from second file on the basis of SUP LOT, which i got from first file.Now i want to display these fields in the display file DSPWMMS. but Condition is that 'Supplier Lot,ISSUED to Prod and Line Grp will not be shown if their respective fields are blanks/Zero. Please Let me Know coding part of this senerio and what would be coding for display file to now shown fields if fields are blanks/zero. My mob. no. is 9836300345. Please reply me asap.

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Hi Friends, I need immediately answer for this: Senario is that,I am selecting records from the display and window subfile on the basis of Reason Code and some more fields but spool file not showing the same records which i have selected by display and window subfile. Q.What could be the causes(resons)to not show records properly (just selected in the display file and Window subfile)according the selection criteria of the records. Q.What would be the solutions to show records properly in the spool file just as selected in in the display file and window subfile according to the selection criteria.

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How many types of jobs?what is difference between interactive and batch and submited jobs?

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i have one physical file which is having two logical files. logical a have unique keyword and logical b doesnt have a unique keyword. can i give duplicate values while updating through physical file. if no why?

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what are activation group and what are its types.?

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what is the main use of OPNQRYF ?? in that query why we can use OVERDBF and in that OVERDBY why should we use SHARE(*YES)

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what is meant by object lock requests,held locks and locks waiting to be applied(wrkobjlck) why should we apply for locks.Please explain sir.

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Hi i have one question In my srvpgm one module ADDM is there now i want to add new module i.e SUBM , please answer me IN STEPS how to write bndlanguage and how it was attach to SRVPGM

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Suppose we have field reference file we were any changes that corresponding Physical file then what will Happen in field reference file??

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If i change any file through application after entering data , how to check which file is updated through applications . For call stack we takes esc 3 then we chose 11..But What is answer of below qtn..?


We have seen no of parameter list but If we mention like this 'CALL PROGNAME PLIST ' how to know No of parameter name of program ?

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How to know message id (errorid) in msgfile when error is occurred on screen ? WRKMSF will display all error id but i want to know error id based on error msg only?

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any one have give AS400 study material? pls pass it to


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IBM IBM AS400 AllOther Interview Questions

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