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IBM Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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Who is your role model

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what were the memorable day in ur last company ?

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What are the top 10 questions when you spply as a quality analyst in a cal center?


Why do u want to work at a place, where there is no growth and future for u?

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Why do you think that we will appoint you?

30 47943

can you explain how to i give my self introduction

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wat do u knw abt

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what is internet?

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If You join the company then what is the first thing you want to do , which you were not able to do in ur previous company ? why did you want to join the call center? why do you left your previous job? What is your greatest strength? where do you see yourself from (Ten or fifteen)years from now? If u will be the principal of a school what will u can do best for school? Take Over Means? What are your biggest weaknesses?


after ur intermediate why had u stoped ur eduation for one year ?


wjy did you apply in a call center? why not in a bank?

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Define BPO in one line only?

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how did you spend your free time

16 26554

Why are you leaving your present organisation?

6 8377

what do you see yourself doing five or ten years from now?


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IBM Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions

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