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what is the regular expression for dd-mm-yyyy?

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what is the regular expression for dd-mm-yyyy?..

Answer / zampanimadhur

The regular expression for the DD - MM - YYYY is

[0-3] [0-9] - [0-1] [0-9] - [0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9]

This is how we will write the regular expression.

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what is the regular expression for dd-mm-yyyy?..

Answer / giridhar

Generally regular expressions are used at data sets or at
sample data.

we can use at RANGE or the input box or any type.

Ex: dd-mm-yyyy

here range is 1 date between 1 to 31
2 month betwen 1 to 12
3 year of 4 digits

here we can use .,*,.*,.*.*

specification for each data type to each number.

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