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TCS Interview Questions
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Tell me about yourself?

229 418850

Describe a complex problem you have solved or haven't solved?

9 30952

What are your short-range and long-range goals and how do you expect to achieve them?

16 48622

What are your Greatest strengths and weaknesses?

47 151400

What do you expect of others in a team environment?

12 27000

How do you establish working relationships with new people?

11 33283

Where you would like to be in 5 years?

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what are the stages in Testing life cycle?

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What is Boundary Value Analysis(BVA) and Equivalence Class Partition(ECP)?

10 45857

What is your biggest strength ?

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what is tracebility matrix?

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what is test plan and what it consists?

15 50899

what is sevirity and who will decided that one?

11 15914

what are Recoring modea available in winrunner?

3 6157

What accessories required to give the motor with given circuits and do you know the ratings of those accessories?

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TCS Interview Questions

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