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TCS ETL Interview Questions
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what are the concerns of OLTP and DSS systems?


indatastage 8.1 surrgoate key generates seqences numbers write but there is limite value i want to reset the seqence after gettting some highest value like i want o/p like this 1 2 3 4 5 .............10000 1 2 3.........10000

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IN Informatica, I have 10 records in my source system. I need to load 2 records to target for each run. how to perform.please let me know. I know by using Mapping variable we can perform but how to load please any one explain.

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how to answer the question "explain project architecture" in informatica pls any one who has the answer pls send the answer to this mail id "

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how to connect to a flatfile through ftp in informatica

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Hi, Urgent recruitment in CTS for informatica ETL .Experience 3 to 10 years.

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I have two tables in two different database, so to join these tables which transformation will be better joiner transformation or lookup transformation?

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TCS ETL Interview Questions

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