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TCS Cognos Interview Questions
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what are the limitations of cognos reportnet?

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What is snapshot ?

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what are the enhancements in cognos reportnet ?

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How we check the errors before running the report,plz let me know the answer

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Give me some examples for Lifecycle reporting,i mean which lifecycle we will use for reporting

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how u migrate reports to cognos 8 from previous versions

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what is query subject

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what r the filters in fwm and report studio

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What is Report item

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How can we publish package to QA environment not cognos connection?(if we have two URL one cognos connection and qa environment how can we publish package to qa?)Please anybody give me the answer.

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For example I developed some reports on employee package now I have to develop same reports to another package.How can I change reports to another package?

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Report studio has two SQL tabs one native SQL and another one cognos SQL which one is get more preference? which one we need to consider?

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How to connect three fact tables?

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What are the differences between Cognos ReportNet 1.1, Cognos 8? and enhancements in cognos 8?

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How can you improve performance in report studio level? What is the difference between Cognos sql and Native sql? How can you create cubes in framework manager?

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TCS Cognos Interview Questions

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