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TCS Servlets Interview Questions
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How native code can be used in a servlet?


What is Client-Server Computing?


What is ServletContext() and what is its use?

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how the HTML data stored in web server?


what is the difference between Servlet and JSP?Advantage of JSP over Servelt?Any concept present in JSP which we cant implement in Servlet?

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Difference between Include, Forward and sendRedirect in Servlet?

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What is the difference between servlet config and servlet context.

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how can we create object to a class in a jsp file?

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i have class files in class folder. but i have no java files. but i want to modify the java files which are related to class files . how ?

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difference between sendredirect,forward and url rewritting

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what is session tracking?what are types of session tracking ?and when to cookies,when to use sessionmanagement,whent use url rewriting technique,plz explain briefly?

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Difference between web container & web server........... Difference between web server & application server?????????

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when the webcontainer creates ServeletConfig,ServletContext objects? befoure creating the Servlet object or not?

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What is the use of RequestDispatcher in servlet?

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what is the control flow in servlet when we send a request?

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TCS Servlets Interview Questions

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