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TCS C C++ Errors Interview Questions
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full c programming error question based problem

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difference between c/c++ programing language? what is necessesity of c++ when existing c programing language?

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A sample program using data structure? what is file handling?


what is macro in c? Difference between single linked list & double linked list what is fifo & lifo? what is stack & queue?

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what is the large sustained error signal that eventually cause the controller output to drive to its limit

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What is the out put of this programme? int a,b,c,d; printf("Enter Number!\n"); scanf("%d",&a); while(a=!0) { printf("Enter numbers/n"); scanf("%d%d%d",&b,&c,&d); a=a*b*c*d; } printf("thanks!"); getche(); Entering numbers are a=1,b=2,c=3,d=4 b=3,c=4,d=-5 b=3,c=4,d=0

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TCS C C++ Errors Interview Questions

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