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TCS TIBCO Interview Questions
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I wold like to learn TIBCO.Can any one who is working on TIBCO,please advice.Tell me brief abt TIBCO.Currently i have Java/J2ee background.Please update u r mail Id too.Thanx in advance

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What is the difference between Waitfor JMS queue Message and GetJMS queue message activity. Also pls reply in terms of performance

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in one tibco project how many services interfacesess it will be created

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In tibco there any concept like soap broadcasting?

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What are the EMS destination properties. What are the difference between the service and interface

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How u can manage ur bw memory if u want save ur memory, which property?

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How to achieve load balancing mechanism using a property ?

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Explain Client and EXplicit Client dupsOK Acknowledge modes in jms?


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TCS TIBCO Interview Questions

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