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TCS Data Stage Interview Questions
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how to do pergformence tuning in datastage?

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if 3 table having different columes. like first table having 4 columns , second table having 3 columns and third table having 2 columns then how to capture the data by using funnel stage in parallel jobs...srinu.thadi

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WHAT are unix quentios in datastage

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what is the difference between the active datawarehouse and datawarehouse

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what is usage of datastage with materialized views

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what is the differeces between hash and modulus partition methods

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I am defining one varaible parameter date in job parameters.I want use this variable date in where clause in source query.

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where we use column generator stage in real time scenario?

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In Informatica,for the table I can find coreesponding dependent mappings.Likewise can I find the dependent jobs with all the information by using the table name


If I make any changes in the parallel job,do I need to implement the changes in the sequencer job,else the changes will be reflected automatically

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When we will go for Data elements?

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what is the unix script to run the job? Please mention commands which we use often?

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Difference in the implementation of lookup and join stages,in joining two tables?

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How to create user defined environment varibale(parameter)?

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In merge stage can we update the values?

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TCS Data Stage Interview Questions

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