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TCS Data Structures Interview Questions
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What does abstract data type means?

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How is it possible to insert different type of elements in stack?

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Write a Binary Search program

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Write the programs for Linked List (Insertion and Deletion) operations

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What do you mean by Base case, Recursive case, Binding Time, Run-Time Stack and Tail Recursion?

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Explain binary searching, Fibinocci search.

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How many different binary trees and binary search trees can be made from three nodes that contain the key values 1, 2 & 3?

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Which one is faster? A binary search of an orderd set of elements in an array or a sequential search of the elements.

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What are the parts of root node?

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What is B+ tree?

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create an singly linked lists and reverse the lists by interchanging the links and not the data?

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what is AVL tree?

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difference between the run time polymorphism and compile time poly morphism and about virtual function.

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how to find the number of possible tree in the given tree.

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why do tree always takes o(log n) time?

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TCS Data Structures Interview Questions

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