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TCS DB2 Interview Questions
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What is the difference between SYNONYM and ALIAS?

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What information can you find in SYSIBM.SYSLINKS table?

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What is the difference between IN subselects and EXISTS subselect?

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What technique is used to retrieve data from more than one table in a single SQL statement?

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what is the maximum number of tables that can be joined ?

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What are simple, segmented and partitioned table spaces ?

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What is the difference between group by and order by?

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What is sqlcode -811?

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How to resolve the -305 error code in DB2? And also please let me know, how to resolve the db2 error codes.

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why should we bind the DB2 program . What if we did not BIND a BD2 program ??

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db2 query I have one table with the following details. SNO SNAME DOJ ------ -------------------- ---------- 10 KRISH 2007-03-19 20 REDDY 2007-05-19 30 RRRRR 2007-05-19 40 BBBBB 2008-05-19 50 CCCCC 2009-05-19 60 JJJJJ 2009-05-19 70 JJJJJ 2004-05-19 i want the output in the following format:( no of students joined in each year(no nedd to consider about month and date) year count --------- ---------- 2004 1 2007 3 2008 1 2009 2

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Bind concepts in DB2 cobol

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what is the difference between normal select query and currosor

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when we are tying to update a table having 100 rows. if the program abends when updating 51 row . how to start updating again from the 51 row .what was the logic

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what is dynamic cursor?gives syntax for this?

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TCS DB2 Interview Questions

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