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TCS Weblogic Interview Questions
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JNDI Usage for weblogic?

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What is Virtual Host in Weblogic , how to create it & what is the advantage ?

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How can you know that the database has connected to your weblogic server

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what is difference between jboss and weblogic

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what is the diffrence between weblogic server 8.x/9.x/10.x?

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howmany connection pool in connection

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What is the major difference between managed server and admin server?

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Are WebLogic Servers password secure?

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How to create a connection pool ?

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What is config.xml?

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what is core dump? diff b/w core dump and c dump?

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What is difference between welogic server and WebSphere?

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What is the performance issue in weblogic and how can you resolve ,explain in brief

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What is weblogic unicasting and multicasting?

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how can you increase heap size from command line

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TCS Weblogic Interview Questions

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