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TCS ASP Interview Questions
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In how many ways you can connect to the Database?

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Give an example of how using an HttpHandler could simplify an existing design that serves Check Images from an .aspx page.


What are the Web Servers supporting ASP?

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How many Max Cookies can we create in Server? A. 10 B. 20 C. 30 D. 40

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How to Display images using Response object? A. Contenttype=Application/Brush B. Contenttype=Image/JPG C. Contenttype=Application/paint D. Contenttype=Image/WMF

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Write a program in asp to find out the leap year. [Accept the year from the user ]


whate is @page(AspCompat) Directive in .net ?

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is string is a value type or reference type?

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Resource Files: How to use the resource files, how to know which language to use?


what is object in c sharp?

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What is the Difference B/W Onclick() and Oncommand() in ASP.Net? If Possible Explain with Realtime Example?


Plz give me the code for binding the dropdownlists with Country,State,City And Each will represent after selecting upper dropdownlist


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TCS ASP Interview Questions

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Q:Hi all,i want accurate answer with code using in built functions.please sent me code as soon as posible. I have program nmed PGM1 which '' RETRIEVE Current production date''should correctly default the production date for the user who is issuing raw materials to the manufacturing.The production date can be different from the celendra date. However, the program does not make the correct adjustment for all manufacturing plants. there is a parameter which determines the production start time e.g. 07:00 if the system time precedes this,the program subtracts one from the celendra day.This work fine when the celendar day starts after production day as it does in England,the system should be adding one to the celendar day during the overlap. unfortunately the program was desined to assumed the celendar day always starts before the production day. Change required in the program: Change the PROGRAM PGM1 to use the new parrameter to decide whether to add or subtract 1 from the celendar day when determining the production date.


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