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TCS APPSC AllOther Interview Questions
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Which of the following films procuded by Mira Nair won the Golden Lion in the Venice Film Festival recently? (1) Kamasutra (2) Salaam Bombay (3) The Mississipi Masala (4) Monsson Wedding

3 3390

The largest rice producing state in India is (1) West Bengal (2) Kerala (3) Uttar Pradesh (4) Bihar

27 84307

. The First Viceroy in India was (1) Lord Warren Hastings (2) Lord William Bentinck (3) Lord Liunlithgow (4) Lord Canning

19 23331

. The first muslim invader in India was (1) Changez Khan (2) Muhammad Ghori (3) Muhammad of Ghazni (4) Muhammad-bin-Qasim

57 53610

. Swadeshi movement started during (1) Anti Bengal Partition movement (2) Non-Co-operation movement (3) Civil disobedience movement (4) None of the above

2 5854

. Which one of the following is an artificial harbour? (1) Kandla (2) Madras (3) Bombay (4) Kakinada

4 8449

. Largest producer of cement in India is (1) M.P. (2) Bihar (3) U.P. (4) A.P.

5 15197

. The largest lake in India is (1) Wular (2) Sambhar (3) Chilka (4) Dal

13 20370

. Which one of the following was dissolved before the expiry of its normal term? (1) First Lok Sabha (2) Fourth (3) Sixth Lok Sabha (4) None of these

3 8072

. Which rights was described as the ‘heart and soul of the constitution’ by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar? (1) Right to property (2) Right to equality (3) Right to freedom of religion (4) Right to constitutional remedies

15 116080

can any one post Previous question papers of Assistant statistical officers(ASO). which is conducted by APPSC.

30 29023

please give me information about APPSC-DAO metireal?


please send previous model papers of appsc-aso exam my email is

14 14676

sir am writing aso(assistant statistical officer) exam first time, so please send me privious papers, and syllabus. my mail id is

22 20043

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TCS APPSC AllOther Interview Questions

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