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TCS Visual Basic Interview Questions
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What is the difference between early binding and late binding?

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What are the types of validations available in Visual Basic?

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What is difference between datagrid and flexgrid?

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Difference between Recordset and Querydef?

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What is ActiveX Dll and ActiveX Exe?


What do you mean by ADO?

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Is it possible to call backend procedures with ADO control?

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What are the types of API Types.


___,_____ and ____ container objects. ___ Property is to compress a image in image control. ___,___ and __ are difference between image and picture controls. To set the command button for ESC ___ Property has to be changed. ___,__,___ are the type of combo box? __ no of controls in form. OLE is used for _______ ___ is the control used to call a windows application. Clear property is available in ____,___ control. ___ Property is used to count no. of items in a combobox. ___ is a property to resize a label control according to your caption. ___ property is used to change to ___ value to access a identity column'in datacontrols. _____ is the property to ___,____,____ are valid for recordsource property of dat control. Timer control contains ________ no. of events. ____ property is used to lock a textbox to enter a datas. ____ is the difference between Listindex and Tab index. ____ property of menu cannot be set at run time. _____ collection in recordset used to assign a value from textbox to table columns without making abinding in datacontrol. ___ argument can be used to make a menuitem into bold. ___,___ arguments will be used to run a executable program in shell function ___ property used to add a menus at runtime. ___ VB constant make the menu item in centre. ___ method used to move a recordset pointer in nth position in DAG.

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what is the Difference between listbox and combo box?

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It is possible to access Text (x.txt) files? Explain.

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When Activex exe is benificial in vb application

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Why we need a MDI form? How can we make a form as a mdichild form?

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what is differece b/w Module and class Modules in vb6? thanks

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TCS Visual Basic Interview Questions

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