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TCS Dot Net Framework Interview Questions
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Which is the base class for .net Class library?

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Define .NET architecture ?

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what is VSS? Where we are using?

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I am confusing about reflection.can any one tell about REFLECTION with example?

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What is boxing and unboxing?

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Difference between manifest , metadata?

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what are partial classes?

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Which is the best institute in hyderabad to learn DotNet?

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What is Reflection in .NET?

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what is namespace?

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Which is the institute which also caters to your personal development other than subject.

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what is .NET ?

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can we change the page layout in ASP.NET 2.0 as grid layout like in the previous version?

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When i am using Ajax controls (updatepanel),Is page events all are executed or only some events are executed?which page events are executed?

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Hello guyz, I have interview scheduled next week on .Net Framework 1.1? Can any one please provide a) list of interview questions on .net frame work 1.1? b)basic differences between .net framework 1.1 and 2.0 and 3.5 c)the topics that i need to concentrate while preparing Thanks in advance


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TCS Dot Net Framework Interview Questions

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