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TCS BSRB AllOther Interview Questions
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interview question for Bank IT officer

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TCS BSRB AllOther Interview Questions

Un-Answered Questions

Describe new operator and delete operator?


What are the parameters of project system?


Can the dictionary object be created in client?s scope ?


What is press release submission?


What is 'infinet'?


What provider use by default? Explain the role of data provider in What is the role of data provider in


what is a table in a database ? : Sql dba


How to submit form without a submit button.


Identification of ss fittings, pilot valves, relief valve.


how can power amp inc the power without inc the voltage or current values?


hi frinds i need help .i have 4 + yrs exp in testing and nearly 2 yrs exp in QTP and QC .currently iam working north fast 2 yrs iam looking for job in south is there any openings plz letme know my mail id is


Write a query to display the current date in sql?


Explain how the pp module is organized in sap?


A company canteen needs an automated system for its food and beverage management. The canteen receives food and beverage items from different distributors. All the non perishable items are stored in the store-room and the perishable items are put in the fridge. The manager should be able to add, delete or update food and beverage items onto the system and perishable and non perishable item details are to be stored separately. Both waiters and the cooks should be able to update the perishable items, but only the cooks should be allowed to update the non perishable items. Both cooks and waiters are not allowed to add or delete any items that are entered. identify the Schema, Table , Fields


Hi this is bhargava here,I have 3months experience in marketing,& i have done SAP-SD.I need 1 offer in IT sector,any one help me plz.If u want 2 suggest me then mail me