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TCS Teradata Interview Questions
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Explain about Skew Factor?

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Diff b/w v2r5 and v2r6 ?

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What is Join Index in TD and How it works?

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Does any body has TERADATA Certification Dumps, if any body is having please let me know to summee4you@gmail.o, it is very Very URGENT to me

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Why FLOAD does not support multiset tables??

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What is collect State in Teradata ? what it use and how it works??

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Hello all, There is a table with 4 columns in that 3 columns has been already loaded with 5 million records.4th column is empty,Now I have got 5 million records data which has to be loaded into 4th column.How can I load this data fastly in to the 4th column with out using update

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in teradata level primary in table level allows duplicates why?

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Which Teradata concept allows more than one model generation?

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how can i answer for question like teradat architecture in interveiw

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plz explain parlla distribution and subtable concept in teradata

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why should we go Teradata over Oracle,what is the main differences?

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Fast Load Script is failed and error tables are available then how do you restart?

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How do you Generate Sequence in Teradata?

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which join mostly use in realtime?

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TCS Teradata Interview Questions

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