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TCS Ab Initio Interview Questions
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How to Improve Performance of graphs in Ab initio?

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what is skew and skew measurement?

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What is the difference between partitioning with key and round robin?

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i need help from u. i want to learn abinitio. please provide pdfs or material or books.

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One file contains header,body,trailer records and header in a single row as well as trailer too.How to segregate these header,trailer and body records and once it gets segregated,i want to make the body data in reverse i.e if i have 10 body records,the 10th record should be the first record,9th record should be the second line,etc..

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What is the difference between reformat and redefine format?

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What is Is_defined(), Is_null(), Is_Blank()?

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Can any body give me the clear explanation about how to separate header,trailer and body records in Ab Initio?

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what is different daily and monthly develop the abinitio graphs?

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) Diff.between Output index and Output indexes?

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How can you find the 2nd Highest salary in a file department wise in abinitio?

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How to create project (public,private,common,client) what are the differences between them?

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what is the difference between ab_work_dir and .work

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Hi friends, what are the new features in abinito3.0?


Which Ab initio version has Hadoop connector ? and what is the latest GDE version available ?

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TCS Ab Initio Interview Questions

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