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TCS ASP.NET Interview Questions
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what is DLL Hell and how it is solved in .NET?

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Differentiate between Server Transfer and Response Redirect?

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In what order do the events of an ASPX page execute. As a developer, why is it important to understand these events?

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When an ASP.NET server control is added to a web form, Visual Studio .NET adds one item to the class for the form. What item is added? a) The event registration. b) A protected class member for the control. c) A default event handler for the click event. d) A default class that inherits from the control?s base class.

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What is the function of the CustomValidator? a) It allows for custom C# client-side code to validate entries in a control. b) It allows for a custom mixture of validator controls to use one central control for the display of messages. c) It uses scripted client-side code to validate the entry in a control. d) It uses server-side code to validate the entry in a control.

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What is cookie less session? How it works?

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You ve defined one page_load event in aspx page and same page_load event in code behind how will prog run?

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what are the advantage in and what are the question ask for interview in and


How many types of session in asp.net2.0

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what are the main advantage in .net?

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How Response.flush works in server.Execute ?

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What is SOAP, UDDI and WSDL ?

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What is CTS, CLS and CLR ?

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What is dataset and uses of dataset ?

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Uses of CLR ?

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TCS ASP.NET Interview Questions

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