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TCS SAP HR (Human Resource Management) Interview Questions
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What is meant by payscale structure? How did you configure payscale structure? How do you import payscale data from non SAP to SAP?.

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How to assign a person two different pers no.s and allocate him two different comp. codes and generate a single invoice? Suppose for a person I have to pers no.s A and B. I want to send him to one company in the morning and the other in the noon. How should I do this.

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What is meant by a schema?

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How do you restrict the data to be entered in payroll area?

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What is meant by authorization? Did u ever work on it?

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What is the difference b/n Indian and US Payroll

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Give me a brief description of the IT Tax?Give me a brief description of the IT Tax


What is meant by slab? How is Indian slab and US slab?


Did u work on gross or net payroll? What's the third party tool used in it?

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does any one have format for blue print and to be process document???? help needed on early basis....


what is your best achivement

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How can integrate this BSI tax software to Payroll?

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i want to run payroll for monthly,weekly and semi monthly same day for this i need to create different date modifiers or single date modifier?

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what is DYNPRO?

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1.What r the 5 infotypes in US payroll?

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TCS SAP HR (Human Resource Management) Interview Questions

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