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TCS Unix AllOther Interview Questions
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In Unix inter process communication take place using?

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What are the files in /etc directory?

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process id for kernell process?

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very first process created by kernell?

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What is the difference between internal and external commands?

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Could you tell something about the Unix System Kernel?

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how to face veritas NetBAckup interview, where did i find all materials regrding veritas and give details on veritas certification

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If the terminal is not showing the login prompt,what's the 1st thing you should check?and how do you solve the problem?

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What is the job responsibility of a System Administrator (UNIX/LINUX),briefly describe (Also point out system admin's daily job details),specify job type & job description?

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How can u doing testing in Unix environment ?

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What is file constructing in UNIX/AIX ?

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Is this the command to connect oracle from unix? sqlplus -s username/password. Then what is the -S here...????

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In this command sqlplus -s username/password what is -S and what's the use..???

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In this command sqlplus -s username/password what is -S and what's the use..???

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TCS Unix AllOther Interview Questions

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