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TCS Dot Net General Interview Questions
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Explain the .NET architecture.

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What is view state?

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What are object pooling and connection pooling and difference?

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What is Active Directory? What is the namespace used to access the Microsoft Active Directories? What are ADSI Directories?

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Value type & data types difference. Example from .NET.

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What is a formatter?

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What is the new three features of COM+ services, which are not there in COM (MTS)


What is MSIL code ?

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Types of JIT and what is econo-JIT ?

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What is UDDI and how to register a web service ?

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Without UDDI, is it possible to access a remote web service ?

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What is WSDL and disco file ?

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Difference between VB.NET and C#. Which is faster ?

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How WSDL is stored ?

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What are the providers available with VS.NET ?

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TCS Dot Net General Interview Questions

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