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TCS SAP BW (Business Warehouse) Interview Questions
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why u go for aggregate? tell me one example?

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What is change run?

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What are the delta options available when you load from flat file?

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What are variables?

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what are step in transporting the object?

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what is attribute change run?

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where do u find the option "REPAIR REQUEST"? WHAT IS THE USE OF THAT?

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what is the t-code to create INDEX in SAP BI(7.0)?/How can we create the index in SAP BW/BI?

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What do you do , when you get a GAP ? What is FIT-GAP analysis ?

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when do we go for generic extraction and why we use time stamp ?how long it will run?explain?

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how can u know the cube size? in detail show me u have screen shots

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Can we create hyperlink at universe level ? can u please explain with real time example

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How to Genarate the datasource using functionmoudle? plz give the scenario.

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WHAT IS THE MAIN DIFFERENCE BETWEEN INFOPACKAGE & DTP? WHAT ARE THE REPEATED TABLES WE ARE USE IN REALTIM PROJECTS? WHAT IS THE DELTA UPDATE IN LOCOCKPIT? WHAT ARE THE TABLES IN SD,FISL & MM? How to we modify the processchain running errors? what is the repeated error in realtim projects? tel me the realtime flow & hw to answer the interview level?

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why the loading set-up tables only for LO extraction.why not for other extractions like FI,CO-PA?plz gv me answer clearly..very need

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TCS SAP BW (Business Warehouse) Interview Questions

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