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TCS Networking Administration Interview Questions
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What is the last major networking problem you troubleshot and solved on your own in the last year?

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Which two of the following protocols are used at the Transport layer? * ARP * UDP * ICMP * RARP * TCP * BootP

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What is the scope of linux administration. If i start a from scratch will I get a linux administrator job. I have 5 and half years of different experience which is tech support exp... If any can give me appropriate suggestions and feed back

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what is ping?

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How to set Proxy Setting?

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I have to do a project in transport domain in J2EE.How can i find informations regarding transport domain and why do we use that?


what is patch panel? what is the use

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what is Organiser? what is work


what is uplink?

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what is patch panel? what is the use

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what is Organiser? what is work

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what is uplink?

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what is paradoxing in neworking


what is networking?

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How to delete software errors? What is that?


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TCS Networking Administration Interview Questions

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