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TCS Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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U are a civil engineering student?why do u want to enter into IT industry

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hai.... please any guide me were i can get interview questions& ans for Unigraphics


sir when can we expect the AEE results and when will be the interviews sheduled please guide us in this regard thanking you



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What is the unit weight if concrete?.

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What is the difference between load bearing and non load bearing walls? How to distinguish both?

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though u r a civil engineer, y r u interested in tcs???


what is the max. dia of steel can be used in open footings?

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what is ment by water cement ratio

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what is mant by point of conter of fracher(p.c.f)

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1)Why we can use half brick in 4inch wall and 2)why not in 9+inch brick wall

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draw the sfd and bmd of catilever beam subjected to point load and udl. plot graphically the difference in deflection pattern of simply supported and cantilever beam subjected to point load.

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Full from of ACC

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how much quantity of sand,cement,reqired for 100sqft of wall construction. And how much quantity required for plastring

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for assembly supported beam main bar are provided at ?

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TCS Civil Engineering Interview Questions

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