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TCS Siebel Interview Questions
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Give me an example of business scenario and explain implementation with workflow?


About MVL(multivaluelink)?

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What is a Link, & different types of Link in Siebel?

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What are the different types of Orders which you create in Siebel?

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How to invoke workflows using userproperty

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best practices in configuration

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best practices in scripting and workflows?

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I want to see 4 static picklist values in one view and in another view i want to see 6 picklist values for that field, how will u configure?

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I checked out one object from server to my local, after checking out my local Database and userid has been corrupted. now i want to release the lock. How can i do this, can any one help me regarding this?

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I want to see all the 6 static picklist values in one view and in another view i want to see 3 picklist values out of 6 values(I want to constrain 3 picklist values in another view out of 6 values) for the same field,same BC. how will u configure?

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TCS Siebel Interview Questions

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