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TCS SAP Basis Interview Questions
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i work on sap 4.6c sap r/3,what happens is my sap mmc starts up,database startsup,message server startsup and also the dispatcher,but all the workprocess remain in running state,and they never come to waiting state? Can anyone help me out?

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Can you create a table with fields not referring to data elements?

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could u explain the transport steps (step by step) procedure?

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How to transport from uses from one client to another?

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What is the difference Between Role and Profile

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What are the differences between system fresh and client fresh?

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What is supplementation language?

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Can SAP patches be installed when other users are online?

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how can we configure reference user in user maintenance ?

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How to schedule background jobs at OS level?

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What are the differences between application server and central instance?

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What is the importance/need of Virtual system?

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how to take backup of system & restore it again.

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best site to download free sap tutorials?

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how u will get help from SNOTES?

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TCS SAP Basis Interview Questions

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