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TCS Data Warehouse General Interview Questions
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Hierarchy of DWH?

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What is hash partition?

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How can you define a transformation? What are different types of transformations in Informatica?

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Can you brief about the Data warehouse project you worked on?


What is Data purging?

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What is MDX?

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How did you plan your Data ware house project?


Where can one get more info about Data Warehousing?

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Difference between ODS and Staging

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Hi, Could any one tell me which schema (star and snow flake schema) will take much space? Thanks S.A.K

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Tell me one example for multi valued dimension or bridge table?

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Tell me one example for junk dimension?

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What is difference between Business Objects and Hyperion Essbase? Please help me

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2.What is staging area ?

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3.What is fact less fact ?

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TCS Data Warehouse General Interview Questions

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