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TCS RPG400 Interview Questions
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1) How to declare a file? 2) How to define a display file? 3) How to monitor error messages in RPG? 4) How to find the attributes for subfiles? and what is the DDS for subfiles?

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what is estimation? and what is the level identifier parameter in PF?

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IN RLU what are the record level keyword is used?

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Write the subfile logic program for the given concept. Load the data to the subfile depends upon the designation where designation is not a key field?

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Setps to create .csv file on IFS folder in AS/400( V4R3)....?

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Q:Hi all,i want accurate answer with code using in built functions.please sent me code as soon as posible. I have program nmed PGM1 which '' RETRIEVE Current production date''should correctly default the production date for the user who is issuing raw materials to the manufacturing.The production date can be different from the celendra date. However, the program does not make the correct adjustment for all manufacturing plants. there is a parameter which determines the production start time e.g. 07:00 if the system time precedes this,the program subtracts one from the celendra day.This work fine when the celendar day starts after production day as it does in England,the system should be adding one to the celendar day during the overlap. unfortunately the program was desined to assumed the celendar day always starts before the production day. Change required in the program: Change the PROGRAM PGM1 to use the new parrameter to decide whether to add or subtract 1 from the celendar day when determining the production date.


1.How you will find the program is batch or online in cl pgm? 2.How you will end the batch pgm when the job runs? write an logic? 3.In wich command the option *drop is used?

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1.The questions have given an array declaration and move operation then this statement is correct or not?

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How can read PF in reverse order (end to start) in CL pgm..

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what is the equivalent keyword for CHAIN opcode ??

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when will come session device error?

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How to update physical file in rpgle without using display file?

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what is ment by "MDT"

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without logical file we cannot access the data in physical file.but we specify physical file in the program(ie:- Ffile IF E k disk).how can it be accessed?

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can anyone explain aboutovrOVRDBF,OPNQRYF, OVRSCOPE and OPNSCOPE?

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TCS RPG400 Interview Questions

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