What are your Greatest strengths and weaknesses?

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Answer / david

strength : appreciating goodness in others
weakness : frankly telling my opinion

Is This Answer Correct ?    98 Yes 20 No

Answer / santosh kumar

Strength: Hard working and positive attitude.
Weakeness: I am workaholic. I keep working util the job is

Is This Answer Correct ?    144 Yes 82 No

Answer / kalaiselvi

Strength : i can easily fit with any new environment
and i will obey higher persons
Weakness : beliving all

Is This Answer Correct ?    53 Yes 16 No

Answer / mm

My strength -Patience ,Optimistic attitude,Good listener.
Weakness- To be soft with everyone and others making misuse of it.

Is This Answer Correct ?    31 Yes 2 No

Answer / sonia

my strenghths: hard working, positive attitude, confident
and sincere

my weaknesses : i cant find time to take proper care of my
health as i deeply get immersed in my work.

Is This Answer Correct ?    24 Yes 12 No

Answer / arunprakash

strength:smile,harworker,team player,try to learn new things
weakness: i 'm a sentimental guy,i always talk frankly.

Is This Answer Correct ?    18 Yes 9 No

Answer / tulika kundu

my strength is i can adjust with new environment.my
weakness is i become emotional sometimes

Is This Answer Correct ?    17 Yes 9 No

Answer / arsha

being too kind and polite is my strength and again its my
my weakness which make me misunderstood

Is This Answer Correct ?    54 Yes 49 No

Answer / satyasaidas(babi)

strength-my self confident,& my will power.
weakness-sometimes my strength is my weakness.

Is This Answer Correct ?    15 Yes 11 No

Answer / bangaramma

S: Positive attitude, Quick learner, Optimistic,
W: Emotional( Whenever shouldnot peroperly work done),
loose patience.

Is This Answer Correct ?    32 Yes 29 No

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